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    Our Pride; Your Stories.

    La nostra promessa:

    Inverti naturalmente la caduta dei capelli in 8 settimane mentre puoi ancora.

    iKayr è clinicamente provato per ridurre la caduta dei capelli in sole 8 settimane. La tecnologia brevettata di micro-vibrazione stimola i follicoli a ricrescere capelli più forti e più folti. Nei test, oltre l'85% degli utenti ha visto meno caduta e nuova crescita a partire da 2 mesi. Aumenta la circolazione con la terapia a luce rossa per ottenere i migliori risultati mentre applichi il tuo olio essenziale preferito.

    Supplements & Medication

    Are Not Your Answer.

    Hair loss supplements and medications cost near $50-100 per month and are also risking your health with dangerous side effects...

    ... and as soon you stop taking the medications, your hair loss gets worse ... meaning you're stuck in a company's subscription for as long as you want to keep your hair.


      Uses 30 medical-grade red LED bulbs of 660nm wavelength to revitalize follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and elasticity.


      iKayr mimics a manual massage that deep cleanses the scalp and stimulates follicle cells by stretching the scalp.


      Helps safely and effectively induce hair growth by stimulating dormant hair follicles through multiple hair growth factors.


      Provides a soothing at-home scalp massage experience, proven to alleviate stress and tension.

        Non-Invasive & Pain-Free

        Get the hair growth benefits without the negative side effects of common drug solutions or surgeries.

        Backed By Dermatologist

        evel up your hair growth regimen with clinically proven red light therapy, recommended by experts.

        One Time Investment

        Kayr is cheaper than a couple months of supplements or medications but provides a lifetime of results.

        Confidence Booster

        Our brush is engineered to renew hair vitality and help you out your best head forward, ready to take on the world.

        Hair Today, More Hair Tomorrow.

        The iKayr Brush is engineered to gently yet effectively improve scalp health and hair vitality. Our patented micro-vibration technology stimulates blood flow to nourish follicles, while the red light therapy delivers nutrients deep into the scalp. This invigorating combination promotes thicker, shinier, fuller looking hair over time.

          Will You Recognize Yourself?

          Sarah decided to send us her results after 8 weeks of Kayr.




          We let the numbers do the talking.


          of people reported their hair looked smoother and shinier after 1st use.


          of people reported their scalp and hair quality improved after 30 days.


          of people reported their hair looks noticeably thicker and fuller after 8 weeks.


          of people reported no results. (Our Bold Competitors)

          Study conducted on 684 people after 12 weeks.

          And By The Way...

          Don't You Love Massages?

          Our Brush provides invigorating relief from migraines and stress using clinic-grade technology, minus the germs from dirty spa equipment.

          No more booking appointments or spending money and time at massage centers. Its patented micro-vibration gently stimulates circulation right in the comfort of your home. Reduce headaches and unwind while promoting healthier, more vibrant locks.

          Do You Really Have Any Other Choice?


          Suit all hair types

          Boost circulation


          Long battery life

          Pull & damage hair

          Regrowth in 3 Easy Step

          • Add Oil

          • Massage

          • Enjoy

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            THAT'S NOT ALL!

            step by step instructions included

            Your Personalized Hair Wellness Routine Ebook

            When you purchase our Scalp Massaging Brush, you'll get access to our exclusive hair care ebook for free!

            This interactive ebook will guide you through a quick quiz to identify your hair type, scalp needs, and wellness goals. Based on your answers, you'll receive customized product and routine recommendations tailored just for you.

            Our Confidence Guarantee

            Regain your confidence within 60 days Or Get Your Money Back

            Over 90% of customers experience significant improvement in hair vitality, shine, and volume.

            However, we know everyone’s hair and scalp needs are unique. That’s why we offer a a no-risk 60 day trial. Find out for yourself how our Scalp Massaging Brush can transform your locks.

            Frequently Asked


            How often should I use the scalp massager brush?

            You can use the scalp massaging brush as often as you like, but we recommend using it for 5-10 minutes 2-3 times per week for best results


            Does the brush work on all hair types?

            Yes, the soft silicone bristles are gentle enough for all hair types, including fine or damaged hair. The adjustable settings allow you to control the intensity to suit your needs.


            Will the brush pull or damage my hair?

            No, the brush is designed to be gentle on hair. The bristles flex to stimulate your scalp without pulling or breaking the hair. Always start on the lowest setting and increase gradually.


            How do I clean the brush?

            Rinse the brush bristles under warm water after each use. Do not submerge the electronic portion. Let air dry completely before next use. Disinfect weekly with alcohol-free cleaner.


            What results can I expect to see?

            With regular use, most customers report improved hair thickness, reduced hair loss, increased shine and vitality. However, results vary based on individual factors. For best results, use for at least 8 weeks along with a healthy hair care routine.


            What is the difference between the two versions?

            The pro version is the fully improved version of the Brush! We have added Blue and Violet light therapy to guarantee faster results!

            You call them "Reviews" we prefer Success Stories.